2. From Linda

    When I got pregnant at 17, I was told…”You’re JUST like your Mother.” I said, “What? Fertile?” That was met with a smack in my face. The face of her pregnant 17 year old adopted daughter.


    "Oh, we knew about your heritage, but that didn’t matter to us, you were OURS."


  4. From Taylor

    Adoptive mother dragging me to dr at 14 demanding she put me on the contraceptive pill, as I was just like my mother and would fall pregnant when she found out I liked a boy at school. ( just so u know dr told her to leave room and told me she was a looney lol) I have heaps of them but the comments I would be pregnant by 14 where very regular.


  8. From 순영허

    My family would say, “Because you like to smell your blankie so often, your nose is flat.” Then they would all laugh at me.


  9. From Holly

    "Do you think she would have aborted you, if it was legal then?"


  10. From anonymous

    Said to an 8 year old me: “You cause 75% of the problems in this family.” I found out later that they adopted me in part to save their marriage.